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Ocean CoCreate seeks ways of changing the future of the world's oceans for better, through the medium we know best — visual art.

Collaborating with passionate artists, we offer curated collections of ocean-inspired art for your home.

Made on heavyweight, textured, archival quality sustainable Giclée art
printing papers
, our prints inevitably conjure a sense of wanderlust and
spark important conversations about the beauty and fragility of our oceans.

Every purchase supports our curated network of world's most inspiring organisations working in ocean conservation.

Ocean CoCreate stands for artistry and compassion, driven by our common love for the ocean.
Ocean CoCreate
Our Mission
We believe that art and design can do so much more than just be visually pleasing. With every art purchase at Ocean CoCreate you help support an important cause.
We are all capable of turning the tide of ocean pollution and care about its (and, ultimately, ours) wellbeing. Curating our life choices to make a small but powerful contribution to the great cause, is a great place to start.
Creativity is a driving force behind everything we do. Technological advances help manage the pollution more efficiently, scientific discoveries provide insights about natural world. We play our part by creating accessible works of art, so you can enjoy a beautiful piece, knowing that you helped a great cause.
Each person individually might be just a drop in the ocean, but joined together we are capable of making great things. Collaborating with our favourite artists, photographers and illustrators, we propel positive change to the ocean and create inspirational art prints for passionate homes.
"For most of history, man has had to fight nature to survive; in this century he is beginning to realize that, in order to survive, he must protect it."

― Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Our Community
Talented, passionate, kind, and intentional — driving force in the creative world,
united by the love of the ocean
Xenia (Founder)
Curator, designer, art director
Growing up in the heart of Siberia, I used to always dream about the ocean. First — of becoming a mermaid and swimming with dolphins, then — of becoming a marine biologist and joining Jacques-Yves Cousteau's team. While neither of these paths became true, and my career took a different direction, the call of the ocean never ceased.
Sandra Åberg
Fine Art Photographer
Some people say I see the world in pastel colours - I'd like to say I want to make life more like a dream - it's hard enough as it is being a human so translating my images into soft romantic etherial pieces of art makes the world a little prettier.

I'm inspired by nature and my surroundings, and I believe in always choosing LOVE over fear – I believe in real over perfect and I'm a big dreamer and wonderer.
Lina Chernikova
Manifesting myself through art means much to me.
Sergio Sorrentino
Fine Art photographer
"I like to imagine my work as something that smells of SEA..."
Pete Atkinson
Photographer & Adventurer
Pete Atkinson spent 23 years sailing all over Polynesia, taking underwater photos, capturing magical life from the water and writing ocean articles.

Pete's pictures have won awards in numerous international competitions, including Wildlife Photographer of the Year. He is one of only two people to ever win "Best British Underwater Photographer" twice, at Image 99 and Image 2001.
Taylor & Porter
Film Photographer
Louise founded Taylor & Porter Photographs in 2012, after completing her degree in Photojournalism at the University of the Arts, London.
Throughout the last 8 years she has travelled wide and far, capturing the poetry of special moments and every day life in places as varied as California, Iceland, Australia, Italy, New York and Bali.
Julie Pointer Adams
Creative consultant, writer, photographer
Julie is an imaginative mind, a big-picture visionary with an acute sensitivity to visual details. She loves documenting the sincere, mundane moments of everyday life, whether through written word or image. With background is in the visual arts, studied environment design, worked as the Community Director for Kinfolk Magazine, as well as freelance art director, stylist, creative writer & consultant.
Her latest work is an amazing book called Wabi-Sabi Welcome: Learning to Embrace the imperfect and Entertain with Thoughtfulness and Ease.
Irezz Pratama
Photographer & Visual creator
"i shoot what it feels like"
Our partners
Through our work we gather funds to directly support organisations working on the frontline of ocean preservation.
With your help, we can support charities close to our heart, who share our passion for the ocean and marine wildlife.

We are currently supporting two amazing organisations: Plastic Oceans UK & Whale and Dolphin Conservation.